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Sketch art commissions
Sketch Dump one by Morobutt
Zecorea and her raptor Tiaj by Morobutt
Come back to bed dear 'eart: Wip by Morobutt
Male troll character sheet wip by Morobutt
This is for a single character sketch drawing. Could be any where from a sketch drawing of a wolf to sketch drawing of your world of warcraft character. Just keep in mind I do have a problem with drawing armor as well as some animals. If it turns out it is outside of skill zone you will be refunded 100%. Also if you would like turn the sketch in to line art as a base/template for any and all sites you are on that is fine.

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Name ................... Morobutt
Pronounced ........... More-o-butt
Meaning ................ Nick name from an old friend
Alias ..................... Moro, Morobutt, Jenn and Jennifer
Gender .................. Female
Age ....................... 27
DOB ....................... April 3 1986
Residence .............. Niagara Falls, New York
Works ................... At Home Depot


Wow Server …… Wyrmrest Accord
Main ………………… Blaberwort
Guild ………………… Harbingers of Requiem
Rank ………………… Guild Leader


Job interview today!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 9:02 AM

Its taken almost over a month to finally hear back from any of the places that I put a application in to. I am grateful to say the place I had wanted to called to back most of all was the first to get back to me. I have an interview today at 3pm with them and I am hoping it goes well.

It would be so nice to finally get out of working in the home depot... things have just gotten to the point where my heath is just getting worse and my anxiety levels where sky high because the staff decides to agree with the customers even though they are clearly throwing a temper tantrum just so you would do or say what they want you to do.  I am sorry but to be stared down and called a cunt 10 or more times in less then 5 minutes by someone who wants you to let them to get away with not paying for something and risk losing your job over it has no right to get what he wants... but all you have to do is stop your feet make a seen and the head cashier or the mangers on duty will give you what you want to get you out of the store they wont back us up what so ever. Never mind the fact they the store has core values and that we are we are to stick to things they teach us... but the higher ups over rule all that and make you look like you have no idea what your doing and that you shouldn't have a job more or less. Then some of them have the balls to agree with the customers who are throw said temper tantrum and say things like "Oh I am sorry So and so is wrong and her behavior was uncalled for. I (we'll) talk to her about that later"  and make it look like I am in trouble or going to get written up or worse lose my job to make them happy. Its to the point where I cant even tell if what is being said is going to happen or not... which makes me panic because I was only doing what they wanted me to do in the first place.. so I start have an anxiety attack over things like this and if i cant get off the floor to take my medication and try to calm down it just makes things ten times worse to where I feel like I am going to pass out... 

I was never like this before working at the home depot. I was never on anxiety medication which needs to be taken before I go to work, taken after an attack starts and before bed... three times or more a day.. just so I can work this is crazy.. I shouldn't have to do that just to function at work. for the past year my doctor has been trying to get me to look for another job and I did nothing about that till recently... the anxiety and panic attacks have gotten worse since going back to work at the start of this year. and the one had for three hours was what woke me up to that my job now is in a way killing me. 

Even if I don't get the job at Xerox, I well keep looking for a job till I am out of home depot...  even if I have to pack up and move away to find a new job I will do so because my health comes first and foremost no mater what.. but till I can find said better job I am stuck... its better to have a crappy job then no job... and if I just leave home depot and try to get unemployment I would be turned down for that because I wasn't let go I left of my own accord.  

So sadly that's what has been going on as of late among other things. I hope today is the start of a new chapter in my book. 

Disclaimer: Images and skin layout are copyright Jennifer "Morobutt" Hoffman .



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utir 1 hour ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey, is your commissions still open? I've been trying for hours to draw my priest but i just can't do it so i went looking for people i could commission..

Also, if so what are you like drawing Pandarens?...
Nexu4 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
:iconthanxforfavplz: on  wolf stock :iconflowerthnxplz:
missVarlou Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MischiArt Mar 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the favs, Jenn!
Alorun Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*makes a high-three* thanks for fav!
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